Surviving the "New" Normal

  • Well Prepared: Long-Term Water Storage for Any Situation

    Say the worst happens—the usual structures that keep civilization intact fall apart, for whatever reason. Some of the first things to go will be municipal utilities—power and water. You can live without electricity, but water? If you don’t get that sorted out—fast—you’re in a world of hurt. In a situation like this, would you have enough stored water in or near your home for you and your family to survive on?
  • Scariest Diseases of the 21st Century

    As per World Health Organization, individuals around the globe are getting barraged with significant wellbeing dangers at an unrivaled rate. From late Ebola cases to mind eating single adaptable cell, to anti-toxin safe superbugs, I wonder on the off chance that we may lose a large portion of the populace and dive once more into the dim ages in this decade. To help set myself up (and you) for potential pandemics and scourges and to abstain from turning into “that one person who kicked the bucket from that terrifying sickness,” I have assembled a rundown of probably the most frightening maladies of the 21st century.
  • Tornado Warning Signs: What to Watch for and How to Stay Safe

    When it comes to bad weather, it can be difficult to tell the difference between an intense thunderstorm and a dangerous tornado. While extreme caution is warranted during even your typical thunderstorm, tornadoes present their own dangers and should be taken seriously under every circumstance. Knowing what signs to watch for will help you recognize when there is a threat of a tornado in your area.