Complete Home Security

Complete Home Security

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Discover How You Can Fortify Your Home Better Than Brinks & ADT Combined.

FACT #1: According to the Bureau Of Justice Statistics…The average response time to a home invasion is over 20 minutes…

FACT #2: A typical home robbery only takes 5 to 7 minutes!

FACT #3:
 The Police response to a home alarm system going off is considered “low-priority“, since no lives are being immediately threatened!! And police are dispatched to the call LAST!
Every other 911 call get’s answered BEFORE A Home Alarm Signal, even if it’s as trivial as a twisted ankle!
Fact #4: You home will be robbed LONG before the police ever show up and the crooks will be long gone. And that’s the best possible outcome.

Fact #5: Did you know over 1/3rd of home invasions occur when the victims are at home?

Fact #6: Almost 30% of burglars enter a home through an unlocked or “Easily Unlocked” door or window – and YOU likely have one they can use right now to access your home.
What’s Your Plan?